13 great lunchbox ideas that will ensure your kids finish every last bite

It can be a daily struggle for many parents — you spend a good part of your morning preparing a lunch for your child to take to school only to find it untouched when they get home. Or even worse, they admit that they gave it away or threw it in the garbage! It can be very frustrating, but there is a solution. Here are 13 tips that will help you to prepare a lunch that your child won't be able to resist...

1. Sandwich or sushi?

Kids get tired of the same old sandwich, so why not try something a little different? With this simple trick your kids can pretend that they're eating sushi — you can even throw in a set of chopsticks to make it extra fun!


2. A cool treat

Freeze grapes in individual packs and give your child a healthy and tasty dessert. Everyone loves sweet grapes!


3. Goodbye crushed chips 

Fill ziploc bags with air before sealing when packing chips. This will keep the chips from getting crushed.


4. The right amount

A little sauce can make even the most boring sandwich a lot tastier. Ketchup and mustard can make all the difference, but the bottles are usually huge. A perfect container for storing them is a contact lens case. 

5. Bags with character

Make DIY butterfly clothespins to create very special children's lunch bags. Look how beautiful they are!


6. Ice pack

Freeze a juice drink box and use it as an ice pack to keep your children's food fresh.


7. Personalized food

To add a loving touch to your child's lunch, this idea is fantastic. Draw something nice on your child's fruit with a toothpick. 

8. Provisions

Make sandwiches (PB&J is always a winner) and pack them in advance to save time.


9. Goodbye boredom. Hello fun!

Use cookie cutters to cut cheese and cold cuts into interesting shapes.


10. Food animals

Stick grapes on a stick to create a nice, fruity caterpillar.


11. Fruity water

Why pay for fruit drinks when you can make them yourself? Put fresh fruit in small water bottles and let the water absorb the flavor. Your child will love it and it's totally natural refreshment!


12. Special occasions

On special occasions such as birthdays you can wrap your child's food in wrapping paper so they don't see it until they get to school. What a good idea!


13. No more crusts

Does your child always remove the crusts from the bread? Cut them off with a pizza cutter and save them to make croutons.


What do you think? Aren’t these lunchbox ideas great? Try them out for yourself and you'll be amazed at the change in your child's eating habits!


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