Girl kidnapped: A man saw someone suspicious holding her by the hand

In a world where we all seem to be in a rush, it's news when someone takes the time to help someone else out, instead of ignoring them and walking by. One man's intervention proved to be salvation for an 11-year-old girl.

Nazier Elahee from Golf Manner, Ohio, was walking down the street when something caught his eye. A man appeared to be dragging a young girl along the street, seemingly against her will. At first, he thought it was simply an argument and didn't want to involve himself in family business. However, his instinct soon told him that something wasn't right, so he decided to stop and investigate.

After watching the two for a few moments, Nazier made eye contact with the young girl. Realizing that he wanted to help her, she mouthed something that immediately sent a shiver down Nazier's spine: "Help me."

When she repeated her silent plea, Nazier knew he had to react quickly. He approached the two and asked the girl if she knew the man. When she said "no," Nazier asked the man what he was doing with her. He replied that he was taking her back to her home. Sensing that there was something wrong, Nazier decided to call to the police. As he did so, the man ran away and Nazier began chasing after him.

The police didn't take long to find the suspect in a nearby food mart and arrest him. The man turned out to be 37-year-old Jessie Woodard Jr., who had kidnapped the young girl. "If he had gotten that little girl to wherever he was going to, she could have been raped or killed," Nazier said. "If I could have done something else, I would have, but the right thing to do was to call the police and keep the girl safe."

Thanks to Nazier, the kidnapper is behind bars and the girl safe with her parents. Though many are now calling him a hero, Nazier doesn't see it that way; he only did what he thought was right. Well done, Nazier — we wish there were more people like you!


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