Not just a cute pooch: Ñero the police dog shows dedication to the cause

There's a very special cop patrolling the streets of Bogota, Colombia. This amazing officer has survived a car crash, where sadly his beloved partner lost his life. He went missing for three months, and he has even survived being stabbed. This furry member of the force is undoubtedly a real hero. When you see how small he is, your heart will melt like mine did.


This is Ñero. If you want to get to know him better, check out this video:

Are you just head over heels in love with him? This cute little dog hasn't had an easy life — from being missing for months to the death of his patrol partner. They say that this puppy even adopted many of his deceased friend's mannerisms. I just can't stop watching the video of this adorable and incredibly brave police officer.

Long live Ñero!

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