26 images that didn’t require photoshopping

Sometimes, you don't need to turn to those little tricks and tools in Photoshop to create eye-catching images. If you're lucky enough to be snapping at the right place at the right time, you'll already have the perfect shot...

1. A wave caught at just the right millisecond.

2. The color spectrum of sunset.

3. A plane in the sky as seen through the window on a rainy day.

4. Playing with perspectives.

5. A wheat field meets a lavender field.

6. Hardened lava that looks like a mountain of corpses being pulled into the fiery depths of hell.

7. The fog makes the top of Sutro Tower in San Francisco look like the Flying Dutchman's floating ship.

8. A man feeding the swans in the winter.

9. More boats that look like they're flying!

10. The road that kept the flames at bay.

11. Clouds over a field.

12. This sunflower was born a rebel.

13. The weather can be quite magical.

14. Two peacocks — one white and one colorful.

15. The different colored leaves have been skillfully arranged. Now the tree's roots are "glowing."

16. That's no bird in the sky — it's a scratch in the windshield.

17. This only happens for several weeks toward the end of February: sunlight reflecting on Horsetail Waterfall in California looks like glowing lava.

18. Clouds can do the most crazy things.

19. The water from the flood has disappeared, but the frozen surface is still there.

20. Another flying boat? No, just crystal clear water.

21. Under the perfect wave.

22. The Devil's Bridge in Kromlau, Germany.

23. Last (or first?) sunlight on Mount Hood in Oregon.

24. An ancient Ginko tree drops a carpet of golden leaves at a temple in the Zhongnan mountains in China at the end of fall.

25. From mild to very spicy — the perfect chili.

26. A road near Hildesheim, Germany after a storm.

Each picture is its own work of art – what a way to capture the moment!


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