Woman crashes her own funeral to surprise her murderous husband

It sounds like something out of a Hollywood revenge movie, almost like Kill Bill, but without the gallons of blood Quentin Tarantino is so fond of.

Noela Rukundo used to live with her husband Kalala (whom she had met 11 years earlier) and their children in Melbourne, Australia. Both are originally from Africa, Noela is from Burundi and her husband Balenga Kalala is from the Democratic Republic of Congo. When Noela's stepmother died, she had to return to Burundi for the funeral, leaving the children in Kalala's care.

After the ceremony, she returned to her hotel in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi, in order to get some rest. That’s when her husband called. After exchanging a few words, he advised her to go outside and get some fresh air. She saw no harm in it, but moments after she left the hotel, a man pointed his gun at her.

He told her not to scream, or else he would shoot. Afraid, she followed all his instructions and soon found herself blindfolded in a car. Half an hour later, she was tied to a chair, in an abandoned building.

After two days of captivity, one of the men asked her what she had done to her husband that he would want her dead. Noela was astounded. It had to be a mistake. They were lying. While they laughed at her, one of the kidnappers took out his phone and dialed a number. Her blood froze instantly, as she recognized the voice of her husband on the end of the line: "Kill her."

Even though she knew that her husband was a violent man, she never would have believed that he would try to kill her. What would become of her children? That's when the kidnappers revealed their secret.

They never intended to kill her. They knew her brother and, above all, they "didn’t believe" in killing women or children. No. Their goal was to spare Noela but to extort money from Kalala: "We want you to go back home and tell other stupid women like you what happened," they explained. They said her husband had paid them the money two months ago and were surprised she hadn't spotted that anything was wrong.

Shocked but reassured, Noela didn’t waste time and started planning her revenge. She contacted several embassies and called the pastor of her church in Melbourne. Together, they found a way to repatriate Noela without raising any suspicion from her husband

He had already told everyone the sad news: Noela had died in a tragic accident. The day of the funeral, the whole community came to comfort Kalala in his mourning. It was only when the last of the neighbors finally left the family home that the scheming husband had the shock of his life.

Right there, in front of him, the ghost of his wife was scowling at him. When he put his hand on her shoulder and realized that she was alive, he burst into tears. Noela didn’t flinch. She says, "I felt like somebody who had risen again."

At first, he denied the facts, but Kalala eventually confessed: he tried to kill her because he was afraid she would leave him for another man. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. But for Noela, this wasn’t the end of the ordeal.

Many people from Melbourne’s Congolese community blamed her for denouncing Kalala. This was followed by numerous anonymous threats and an attempted break-in at her house. Luckily, she has resolved to be strong. 

She might still hear his voice at night, ordering the men to kill her, but she isn't afraid anymore: "I will stand up like a strong woman," she says, "My situation, my past life? That is gone. I’m starting a new life now."

Unfortunately, not all the Noelas of the world are as lucky as her, but let’s hope that her story will serve as an inspiration for other women with possessive husbands to seek help and regain their independence.


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