16 dogs that want to be other animals

"We Rate Dogs" is an internet portal where you can send the most beautiful pictures of your four-legged friends, so that the operators can tell you how cute and adorable they find them.

The whole thing is a lot of fun, because the people behind "We Rate Dogs" love all dogs and always give them the best ratings.

Sometimes, however, they can't stop themselves from teasing their readers just a little...

1. "He's not the Messiah! He's a very naughty boy..."

2. One was quite enough...

3. Although we understand why you're doing it.

4. Too cute not to cuddle.

5. Still a very fine specimen.

6. Where can we get a Floppy Tongued House Panda?

7. Cuddliest. Seal. Ever.

8. "Flop" is the key word here.

9. "And maybe think about getting a new chauffeur?"

10. "All other dinosaur categories remain strictly forbidden."

11. Not again.

12. So wild.

13. "But we can provide you with the We Rate Ghosts e-mail..?"

14. "And I'm amazed you found one this far south..."

15. "We're gonna need a bigger boat... or maybe a smaller one."

16. Such an adorable desk lamp.

Those poor folks at "We Rate Dogs" have it tough. Always getting pictures of animals that clearly aren't dogs...


Bored Panda


Also hefty