Moved, a woman decided to do everything she could to change his life

Who hasn't accidentally misplaced their wallet or cellphone while having a few drinks with friends? Daisy Owen knows this all too well after losing her handbag during a night out in Bolton, England. Having given up hope of finding it, Daisy was already looking into buying a new iPhone and changing the locks of her apartment. However, she was to receive a rather surprising message from a friend two days later.

Daisy's friend told her that a homeless man had spent the past two days trying to find the owner of a handbag he'd found outside a bar. Wasting no time, Daisy arranged to meet the man.

Paul Calderbank, the homeless man in question, had indeed found her bag. Instead of selling the smartphone and using any money inside the bag to buy some food or spend a few nights out of the cold, Paul did all he could to find the owner.

"I am an honest person now and doing something kind gives me a buzz," Paul said.

Concerned about many people's preconceptions of the homeless, Paul had also written a note which he attached to the bag: "Did not want to tell anyone in town because they would have tried to blag me saying it [belonged to] one of their friends," Paul explained. "Can't trust anyone in town and was worried in case anyone thought I was keeping it."

The handbag contained money, but Paul didn't spend a cent of it; he was more interested in finding its rightful owner. "I couldn't wait to do some detective work," he added.

Daisy was amazed by the effort Paul put into tracking her down. "It is incredible that he literally searched for two days to try and find me so that he could give it to me personally."


Moved by Paul's act of kindness, the young woman decided to set up a GoFundMe page for him; Daisy wants to use the money to find Paul a place to stay, winter clothes, and some hot food. So far, Daisy has raised almost $3,500 and the contributions keep on coming in.

The entire episode has restored Daisy's faith in humanity and she'll always be grateful for what Paul did. We hope that Paul will be able to use money from the fundraising efforts to find some permanent housing soon.


Daily Mail


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