20 incredible cats who aren't ones to follow the crowd

As much as we like them, our feline friends are known to have a rebellious streak. But if you think you've seen it all, you may be surprised when you take a look at these little rebels... 

1. "Can you change the channel?" 



2. When they stick to you like glue, it's not because they like you — they're simply marking their territory! 

3. A cat not to be messed with.  

4. Like a cat in a bag... 


5. Caught red-pawed! 

6. You've just prepared a nice romantic bath, but your kitty has other ideas... 

imgur / kwanydnic

7. This mouser has discovered a newfound love for nature. 


8.  This isn't a laughing matter, so we really need to hold it in. And so does the paper on the ceiling...


9. It's now way too mainstream to simply drink from the faucet, but this tom has come up with a way to look cool while doing so. 


10. This scratching post setup cost an arm and a leg, but he prefers the 5 cent plastic bag. Typical! 

11. "So what? I'm comfy here, alright?" 


12. "He's my buddy!" This cat isn't afraid of what his peers might think of him... 


13.  A good way to get seconds — play the seduction card!


14. "Vain? Moi?" 


15. This guy simply wants to show that he's above everyone else. 


16. They're even trying to drive us out of our own homes! 


17. "Hey, waiter. Would it kill you to put some milk in my coffee?" 


18. "No, human. I won't let you work until you've tickled my tummy for at least half an hour." 


19. A skilled acrocat at work...


20. Easy rider!


As you can see, these crafty cats are pulling out all the stops for a bit of attention. And you have to admit that it works — there's always a human at hand taking pictures of them. While our kitties may be weird at times, we can't help but love them! 




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