Policeman helps 92-year-old after trouble at bank

The police in Montebello, California, were called to a bank after a disturbance. Employees there needed assistance with an agitated customer who had allegedly flown into a rage. When Officer Robert Josett entered the bank, he was met by a 92-year-old man who would not calm down. The elderly man wanted to withdraw money from his account, but didn't have a valid identification card for this type of transaction — his ID had expired some time ago. When the bank refused to carry out the transaction, the frustrated man caused a scene. 

Instead of escorting the 92-year-old man from the bank, Officer Josett decided to get to the root of the problem. The policeman drove the elderly man to the DMV where he could get a new identification card. And just before the bank closed its doors for the day, Officer Josett gave the man a ride back so that he could take his money out. Montebello Police Department posted a picture of the elderly man holding onto the police officer's arm. Over 250,000 people have since reacted to this touching gesture. 

"This officer is a saint! All this little grampa wants is to keep his independence. And the officer helped him in a dignified manner," said one commenter on Facebook. There's not much more you can say — a great piece of work from this officer! 




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