Passengers organize surprise baby shower on the bus

Rodolfo Mattos from Rio de Janeiro was on his way to college in neighboring Niterói. Though it was usually a fairly long ride between the two Brazilian cities, Rodolfo discovered one day that there was a direct bus linking his neighborhood to the university. However, it was an infrequent service with only two buses running every day. That prompted bus drivers on the service to joke, "If you miss it, that's it." That's not the only surprising thing about this bus line though, as Rodolfo revealed in a Facebook post:

"I have to share with you one of the most amazing experiences I've had on public transportation in my 22 years in Rio. I've been studying at the UFF (Rio's Federal University) for almost two years now and never knew there was a direct bus line from Deodoro to Niterói. I found out about it after talking to my friend Felipe Camargo, who also studies at UFF. The bus line is the 113D from Itaguaí to Niterói."

"To my surprise, I saw lots of balloons when I got on the bus. It was quite the scene. Who would expect a bus to be decorated like this? Yeah. At first, I thought it was a birthday party. They started serving soft drinks, coffee, juice, cakes and sandwiches. Lots of joy."

"The people on board spanned all ages, showing great community spirit that's so rare to find on a Wednesday morning on public transport!" 

To my shock, it wasn’t a birthday party, but actually a baby shower. They pinned up a sign that read, 'New arrival: Heloísa Vitória.' I thought, 'It must be somebody's relative, since there are no pregnant women on the bus.'"

"The bus then suddenly came to a halt in the middle of a busy street. It wasn't actually supposed to stop, since this was an express bus. The party only really got going when a pregnant woman who was standing in the middle of the road hopped on with her mother and daughter. There were many cries of joy! What a marvelous scene!"

"The pregnant woman is a very humble 23-year-old who sells coffee on this very street. Every time the bus passes her, everybody cheers (it's always the same passengers, they're all friends. This bus only passes by twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.)"

"One of the passengers noticed she was pregnant and decided to throw the baby shower. Everybody else agreed, so they set about organizing the surprise."


"There's still reason for celebration. There's still community spirit in Brazil. We need to look out for one another and share the love like this. All the best to the family on board 'If you miss it, that's it'! Congratulations to 113D!"

What a wonderful gesture from the good folks on the 113D bus line — it's a truly heartwarming story. We'd like to wish the pregnant woman all the best with her new arrival!


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