They do everything together: These two brothers are literally inseparable!

Do you have a brother close to your age? Chances are you're used to sharing a bedroom, clothes, and the back seat on long trips in the family car. But twin brothers Ronnie and Donnie Galyon have taken the idea of sharing everything to the next level: they've never been apart for a single second. 

Ronnie and Donnie were born in 1951. They are conjoined twins, joined at the pelvis and sharing part of their lower digestive tract, but they each have their own arms and legs. Doctors said they would die within five minutes of being born. That turned out not to be the case — they did, however, spend the first 20 months of their life in the hospital under observation.

When they finally left the hospital, a lot of people were curious to see the two brothers together. There was so much interest in them that some people were willing to travel hours just to see them. So when the twins turned 20, they joined a freak show where they earned a living.

Their father says that when they were children Ronnie was the quieter one, while Donnie showed more character. Like brothers the world over, sometimes they played together and sometimes they fought with each other. But since they needed to coordinate every aspect of their lives — everything from eating to going to the toilet — they obviously developed a unique and mutually affectionate relationship.

Their bond is so strong that they even refused an offer from a surgeon who wanted to separate them. Their younger brother Jim says "They're one body, but very much two human beings." Now, at the age of 66, they've entered the Guinness Book of Records as the longest living conjoined twins.

And after 66 years of sharing every aspect of their lives, the brothers continue to have an excellent relationship — together they play sports, enjoy video games or comment on football games just like any two brothers would. They just happen to have a special connection that could only develop as a result of their unique circumstances. We wish them all the best!


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