Man shows heart to leave the subway rose-seller in tears

Most of us have seen them somewhere — on the street, in restaurants, on the subway — but many of us don't pay much attention to those people trying to scrape out a living selling flowers. Rarely do we buy one, maybe for a loved one, maybe for ourselves to brighten our day...

But recently one of these rose sellers got a big surprise when a well-dressed young man came up to her and asked how much her roses cost. After telling him the price for one and then about the discounts for buying more, she got a bit confused when the obviously well-to-do man pulled out a wad of cash and handed it to her. You can watch the whole scene here...

The woman's reaction is priceless — and what a generous young man. The woman might have made more money in that one day than ever before, and can now simply spread some joy by giving away free flowers. It's random acts of kindness like this that can restore even the most pessimistic person's faith in humanity!


Shareably, Youtube


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