“Desperate not to die”: Mom shows what it’s like to live with cancer

At first glance, Ruth Naylor seems to have it all. The 32-year-old Brit is a successful business woman, who has two charming young children and lives in a wonderful self-built home. However, illness doesn't discriminate. During a check-up, doctors found an unusual lump near one of her lungs and soon discovered Ruth was suffering from a rare form of Hodgkin's lymphoma. Wanting to raise awareness, the mom of two then decided to share pictures documenting her brave fight against the disease on social media.

At first, Ruth thought she had been struck down by the 'flu, but the diagnosis that was to come turned her world upside down. "You are faced with losing everything and your perspective of everything changes," the Brit said. "I think we're obsessed with portraying a perfect persona, but cancer really teaches you humility. When I'm in my hospital gown, I'm no different to anyone else. Just another woman desperate not to die."

Since starting her chemotherapy, Ruth has been using her Instagram page to show what it's really like to be suffering from cancer: a sick bucket next to her bed, painful injections, the loss of her sleek blonde hair, exhaustion.

"I had no time to wait, so my treatment happened really quickly after my diagnosis," Ruth said. She had lost her own mom to liver cancer at the age of 21. "Still, when I'm in bed at night and the house is quiet, I can't help wondering how it will end. I ask myself: 'What if I don't wake up in the morning and the children are left without a mom?'"

Her four-year-old daughter Eva and two-year-old son Oscar give her the strength to keep on fighting — one day at a time. Thoughts about giving up have never crossed Ruth's mind: "Dying is not an option for me!"

Once the chemo is done, Ruth still has to undergo a course of radiotherapy. Though the road to recovery is still long, she has the support of her family and friends in her battle against cancer. And with the pictures she has been posting online, the 32-year-old is sending a clear message to fellow sufferers: you're not alone. 




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