A father’s love: Poor man goes hungry so his small daughters can eat

When Jhunnel Sarajan, a real estate agent from the Philippines, posted the following photo on Facebook recently, he never suspected it would prompt such an outpouring of care and support. The picture shows a thin father sitting with both his daughters in a fast food restaurant. While the two girls were eat their favorite food, their father sits next to them, not eating.

But who was this selfless family man? Overwhelmed with emotion, Jhunnel immediately spoke to the man and asked what his story was.  That was how the realtor learnt that the three were celebrating the graduation of both daughters. But that wasn't all, he also learned that their father, 38-year-old Ryan Arebuabo, had suffered a stroke four years earlier. The stroke meant he was partially paralyzed with other physical difficulties. Even speaking is difficult for him.

Since Ryan could no longer afford to maintain his family, his wife left him. But Ryan would not give up the struggle so easily for his two daughters. He fought for them and finally won custody of eight-year-old Rose Ann and her sister Rose May, six. Since then, they have lived in a small wooden shack in a poor region of Manila.

Jhunnel accompanied the family home, to better understand their situation. Their home was so small, that one detail immediately stood out, a photo of both girls, Ryan's all and everything. The 38-year-old wants to prove to everyone what a good father he is.

The family gets some support from the government. To help with his daughter's financial security, the government also provided Ryan with a little stall for selling household items, but the small income he gets from that is barely enough to survive. So that his daughters fare better in life, Ryan gets up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to take them to school. He says, "I just want my daughters to go to school," adding, "Although, I can't read so well myself, I try to help them."

Since Jhunnel learned of the small family's precarious situation, he appealed for financial support for the three of them over social media. Even the restaurant where it had all began joined in: As well as gifts for the girls, they could also eat there for free. You can clearly see how happy they are.

Ryan himself is really grateful for the support that he has suddenly received. "It is still hard, sometimes I am simply just tired. But even then, you must fight." As for his daughters, they can be happy to have such a wonderful father, who does everything he can for them. So admirable!


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