In 23 photos, dad shows the humorous way he loves his daughter

Sholom Ber Solomon from California has always had a very particular sense of humor. His current passion is taking crazy photos that put a smile on every face. However, with the birth of his daughter, the 36-year-old has now perfected his unusual hobby — as he has found the perfect accomplice for all his imaginative photos. The following 23 pictures show what an adorable team this father-daughter duo make.

1. Whoops! Looks like Dad used too much "bubble bath" again.

2.  Just enjoying some daddy-daughter bonding time at the salon.

3. Caught in the act!

4. I would go out, but there's a very scary bear outside my tent!

5. "Excuse me miss, but do you know how fast you were going?"

6. Less Baywatch, more Backyard Watch.


Jaws 4: 'guess she's teething' !! #greatwhitebaby #davidhasselwho #beardedbaywatch

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7. Kentucky Fried Chicken currently has a pretty sweet deal going on their chicken buckets.

8. Home BBQ set. Miniature firefighter not included.

9. Kittens and balls of wool are just meant to be together.

10. I never knew sushi could be so cute...

11. Look what I pulled out of my hat!

12. Sir Dad and Princess Daughter setting off for a journey through their kingdom.

13. The little artist captured her father's likeness perfectly, don't you think?

14. Nope, that definitely wasn't us.

15. Nothing to see here, just two cookie monsters doing their thing.

16. Because this definitely doesn't smell of fresh flowers. 

17. That's one way to play hide and go seek.

18. Look who beat Daddy at Monopoly again.

19. Such a lifelike garden gnome... 

20. Father and daughter on safari, spot a lion in his natural habitat.

21. Surely everyone wants to go to the ballet to see these two stars in action?

22. Little flowers must be nurtured and cherished. Like children.

23. Fatherhood is all about getting the right swing in the hips...

With these 23 photos, this dad has not only proved his creativity, he has shown the internet — and by extension the whole world — that he is a proud father who loves his daughter more than anything else.




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