One easy method for folding your socks

There are actually two ways to store socks in a smart manner. One way is to roll the socks together and pull one bundle over the other. That's what most people do. The other way is to throw the socks into the drawer and to search for the matching ones each day. That's what lazy people do. But there is another way and the advantages of this method are clear: It saves a lot of space in contrast to the conventional sock balls, and you have a clear overview of everything.

How chaotic! This is not an effective way to store socks...

This method here works but it's not all that neat and organized.

Start off by laying two socks over one another to form a cross. Then follow the steps in the video to go from this to...


This is much better and now you have way more storage room for your socks. Check out the video below:

Yes, it takes a bit longer than rolling the socks but this way saves space and looks neater. And isn't that what we all want in our dresser?


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