How mint can help you keep your home free from pests

Some people already know just how versatile the mint plant is — its purging effects when consumed as a tea or other drink are no secret. The great thing about mint is that it grows almost anywhere, requires very little attention, and can even be grown from sprigs. But what many people don't know is that it can be useful around the house, too. Here are three ways mint can help you keep your home free from pests...

1. Use mint to drive away mice and rats


Rodents have a very keen sense of smell and are sensitive to the essential oil in mint — just a few crushed mint leaves are enough to send those pesky critters running for the hills. The key factor here is finding the right place to put the leaves and that means finding the spot where the mice or rats are getting into the house. Scratch marks and piles of droppings are usually good indicators. Once you've found the hole, spread the crushed leaves around generously and your problems will soon be over.

2. Use mint to get rid of spiders

Araneus diadematus (Garden Spider)

Mint is also great for ridding your home of spiders. In this case it's best to use mint oil, which is concentrated. Mix one part mint oil with nine parts water and put it in a spray bottle. Now spray all of the areas where your unwanted arachnid houseguests are getting in (this is most often around windows and doors). Repeat this every other day for one week and soon, those eight-legged invaders will be long gone.

3. Use mint to keep your pets free of fleas


Fleas also have an aversion to mint so you can use it to keep them away from your pets (this trick works best with dogs). Simply fill a cloth sack with mint leaves and place it in your dog's bed. Try to position it so it comes in contact with the animal's body. After a couple of nights you'll notice the effect: no more itching and scratching, and a very happy dog.

So instead of spending a ton of money on some harmful chemicals, try out this natural solution and say goodbye to all those nasty little creatures that have been invading your space. So long, spiders!




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