Ill, unemployed dad turns yard into a paradise

Sometimes it seems like the whole world's against you. That's probably how father of two, Darius Stevens, felt when he lost his job. As if to add insult to injury, he received a diagnosis of skin cancer a few days later. At the time it seemed like the empty backyard of his house reflected the empty state of his soul, but he is a fighter and wanted to send a strong message. When his wife left home one day, he set to work. It's hard to believe the end result: breathtaking!

Darius managed to create a masterpiece with the help of his friends and kids. Now the whole family can feel at home in their yard. But this wasn't just about giving the backyard a facelift, this was also Darius' way of coming to terms with his illness. It was also a wonderful surprise for his wife who hasn't left his side for a single second during this tough time.


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