Homeless man leaves life on the streets thanks to viral video of his voice

Ted Williams from Brooklyn in New York had high ambitions when he was child. Aged 14, he met one of his favorite radio announcers and was shocked when he discovered that the man's appearance was nothing like what he had imagined when he heard his voice.

After talking to him, Ted made a decision that would change his life. Thinking he could never become an actor or a celebrity, the New Yorker believed he could train his voice to become one of the best radio broadcasters in the world. However, without Ted knowing it at the time, something would stand in his way.

Determined, Ted signed up for a school where he learned to develop his voice as an announcer. Soon after, he began to work night shifts at a small radio station. It seemed that his career was getting off to a good start. However before he could reach his peak, Ted's life took a turn for the worst. He began to drink and take drugs excessively, eventually becoming an addict. Eight years after his addiction began, he was living on the street.

Twenty years would pass with Ted on the streets, surrounded by all the vices that had helped land him in his situation. His family had already given up on him. As much as he wanted to go back to his old life, he didn't know where to start. Desperate, Ted wrote an emotional message on a sign to hold up while begging: "I have a god-given gift of voice. I'm an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. Please! Any help will be greatfully appreciated. Thank you and God bless."

And thanks to that simple message, Ted's life would change forever. A newspaper reporter spotted Ted on a road in Columbus, Ohio, holding up his sign and he approached him to see if his voice was, in fact, as amazing as he claimed. He recorded a video of Ted demonstrating his skill and explaining his life story. The reporter published the video online and it went viral overnight. If you want to hear Ted's amazing delivery for yourself, you can watch the video below:

The video was recorded on January 4, 2011 and the life of Ted Williams nowadays is far removed from that of the man who stood by the road holding his sign. Ted became famous and received many invitations to interviews from different television companies, as well as several job offers.

Although he fell back into addiction a few days after his video went viral, he knew how to recover and take advantage of the opportunity life had just presented him. In his own words: "I went from homeless to Hollywood!"

But Ted has not forgotten his time as a homeless drug addict, nor the people who helped him. That's why he founded a non-profit organization to support shelters that help homeless people. One of the things he has done has been to donate socks to one of the shelters that put a roof over his head when he needed it. He said, "A lot of homeless people, if they were like me... went to jail a lot. And there's nothing worse than being incarcerated and not having socks, let alone being bothered by the elements, the cold weather and all."

But he has aspirations to do even more. "I want to open up a homeless laundromat," he said. "A lot of times, homeless people discard clothes, or they walk down the street with millions of clothes, and they're never in the most presentable shape," he explained.

Ted Williams, or "the man with the golden voice" as he has been nicknamed, has seen his childhood dream come true. He has managed this after many years fighting against his addictions, which kept him in a dark place for a long time.

Thanks to his voice, he was able to come out the other side, and now he is a celebrity, who has worked on advertising campaigns, TV shows and he's even written a book about his life. We wish Ted all the best for the future!


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