10 amazing inventions for a funnier and colorful house

As Jon Snow would put it, "Winter is coming." And by winter, we mean gray skies and dark and dismal colors. But before you get too down in the dumps, we've come up with an amazing list of inventions, which will hopefully add a touch of fun and color to your everyday lives.

1. These garden lights, in addition to being cute, are solar-powered.


2. Special furniture that allows you to charge your smartphone.


3. Funky Nessie ladles.

Ototo Design

4. Caps, rechargeable via USB, that transform bottles into lights.

Suck UK

5. Bedsheets suitable for coloring in.

Eat Sleep Doodle

6. A coffee table that creates the most spectacular display of lights on the adjacent walls.

John Foster

7. These hanging plant pots water your plants with tiny raindrops that fall down on them.


8. This clever Pixar bookmark.

Peleg Design

9. Coffee cups that manifest various optical illusions.


10. Earphones that light up in time with the beat of your music. Not only are they cool, but they're easy to locate. Great invention!


These unique and clever devices add a touch of brightness to daily life and will surely help you get through those gloomy winter months!


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