Couple blessed with rare birth after a decade of disappointment

Many couples hope to have children when the time is right. Once you've found a partner who is on the same wavelength as you and feels ready to have children, it's all the more upsetting when things don't work out.


Allyson and Tony Ponto from Minnesota had been trying to have a child for 10 years. Over that time, many tears were shed as the young couple had to contend with the agony of four miscarriages. When it was determined that Allyson suffered from reduced fertility, the Pontos refused to give up even though they had already been on a rollercoaster of emotions by this point.

Allyson couldn't help but cry every time she was invited to a baby shower or a friend of hers announced that they were expecting. Distraught, the Minnesotan started thinking she and Tony didn't deserve to have children. In the end, the couple opted for expensive in-vitro fertilization (IVF) as a last resort and set up a fundraising page to pay for the treatment. They never would've dared to believe what happened next.


Allyson went for a check up six weeks after the embryos were implanted inside her. The doctor had some news in store for her that she wasn't expecting.

First of all, the expensive treatment had paid off and Allyson was now pregnant. However, it was the doctor's second piece of news that left the couple stunned — the ultrasound image of Allyson's womb showed more than one fetus.

Allyson now had four babies growing inside her! Though it's not uncommon for couples to have twins or triplets after undergoing IVF treatment, Allyson and Tony were certainly not expecting to have four babies. It was as if the new arrivals were making up for all the pain the couple had to go through when trying to conceive. Overjoyed by the news, the mom-to-be created a blog called "4 Peas in the Ponto," where she wrote updates on the progress of her pregnancy.

After an eight-month term, Allyson and Tony could finally hold their four daughters, including a set of twins, in their arms. Though they were born slightly premature, the new arrivals were in the best of health.

Even though the birth was several months ago, you can still follow the "little big" family's progress on their Facebook page.

The fate of this couple shows that you can sometimes encounter setbacks in the pursuit of your dreams. With plenty of hard work, you can overcome these difficulties and be rewarded in the end. It's great to see the four girls growing up day by day — their parents sure are proud of their new additions to the family!




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