Three times the joy: Expectant mom is given thrilling surprise

Angie and her husband Gino already had a beautiful family consisting of themselves and their two sons. Both really wanted to have a third child though, with high hopes that it might end up being a girl. But when Angie fell pregnant, and she soon found out it wasn't just one baby girl growing inside her...

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... it was three! They never imagined something like this happening and were completely stunned. But being pregnant with triplets is no simple matter, and there were several risks associated with such a pregnancy. Such risks could include underdeveloped lungs, brain bleeds, and various other terrifying conditions. Despite this, Angie and Gino remained positive and decided on names for the little ones before they were even born: Daniella was the fraternal triplet, Camilla and Anabella were identical and shared one placenta.

The doctors feared that one of the twins who shared the placenta would not develop well, and after a few weeks, their fears were confirmed. Camilla was getting too little liquid and Anabella, too much. 

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So in her 27th week of pregnancy, Angie was admitted to the hospital where the doctors could keep her under constant monitoring. This was hard for her as she had to be away from home and her family for several weeks. But she knew it was best for her daughters.

When the time came, both she and the doctors prepared themselves for the birth of these three little treasures. In the following video, you can watch the action unfold — a high-risk birth but with professionals who knew exactly what they were doing:

Amazing, wasn’t it? Right after they were born, they were placed in incubators to help the baby girls adjust to being outside their mother's womb. A short while later they were all discharged. And now that they have grown up, just look how healthy they all are!

Such little cuties!


Angie has a website where she shares photos of her little ones. As you can see, Angie and Gino couldn't be happier about their new and expanded family, albeit unexpected. We are glad that everything has gone so well for them!


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