A 16-year-old became an Instagram star thanks to his wonderful desserts

Here are two clichés: teenagers don’t know how to cook and vegans only eat salad. But 16-year-old Jose has taken it upon himself to prove that this isn't true.

He loves coming up with new recipes, especially when using 100% vegan ingredients. The young man's passion prompted him to create an Instagram account for sharing the pictures of his wonderful creations. 

And wow! Take a look at the results! With users attracted by the vibrant colors and magnificent designs, Jose's images soon went viral on the site. 

Jose has a sweet tooth, so he decided to focus on desserts, breakfast items and snacks. The stunning images Jose has uploaded on his account really compliment each and every exquisite recipe — delicious! 

The teenager mostly uses pastel colors to give his trendy creations an almost magical appearance. 

Jose also likes to experiment with different colors and textures. Check out these gorgeous slices of cake...

The teenage chef has also been exploring different culinary ideas that move away from conventional food designs. For example, these ice pops feature a surrealist, galactic effect... 


Galaxy Ice Creams Made with coconut milk, coconut nectar, butterfly pea tea & blueberry juice YASS or PASS? ✌✨

Ein Beitrag geteilt von J o s e (@naturally.jo) am

Whatever approach he takes to his recipes, it's difficult not to be amazed by the results. The young man shows a real talent for cooking and aesthetic design. 

Jose's a true master of his art, demonstrating that vegan cuisine doesn't have to be boring and teenagers can indeed cook. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it, right?


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