23 brilliantly botched wedding photos

If you're getting married, it's worth investing in an experienced photographer to capture the most wonderful moments from the biggest day of your life. At the end of the day, you want to be able to show your grandkids how perfect everything was back then — or rather how everything went wrong.

The best botched moments often involve unwanted guests making an unexpected appearance in wedding photos. These happy couples and their families certainly won't forget the intruders who walked, hopped, flew or swam into shot at just the right moment.

1. Best wishes from Hogwarts.


2. "I've just got to get my towel."

Facebook/The Traveling Photo Booth

3. What are you staring at?

Facebook/White Knot Event Stationery

4. Who's the happiest here?


5. The cat is not too impressed by the smooching.

Facebook/The Traveling Photo BoothHayat Bensem Anlamı Sensin

6. The young boy has had his fill of weddings.

Facebook/Desiree McCrorey

7. Well, that's a good start...

Facebook/Next Web Design

8. All the guests are finding their own way of having fun.

Facebook/Bird's Eye Cove Farm

9. A woolly best man.

Facebook/Lisa Delorey Photography

10. Another unimpressed cat.


11. "So, when are you going to throw that big stick?"

Facebook/Tuson Photography

12. Now look toward the camera.

Facebook/Daily Pictures

13. Comfortable?

Facebook/Things That Matter

14. "Hey! What are you doing in my forest?"


15. "Turn around. The priest is floating..."


16. Why do so many people marry in aquariums?


17. Photographers. The masters of timing.

Facebook/Shelley Povey Photography

18. He wants to go to the pool and nothing will stop him.


19. The cow is skeptical about the whole matter.

Facebook/Marta Urbanelis Photography

20. "Look, a camera!" "Where? Oh, there! C'mon, let's rub our noses against it."

Facebook/Guardian US

21. An epic panoramic photo with fishermen.

Facebook/Dov Alfon

22. A priest is already there so that the exorcism can begin.

Facebook/Kiccha Buranond

23. Way to steal the show!

Facebook/Telegraph Travel

These pictures are so outrageously perfect that nobody could've planned that they'd come out this way. One thing is for sure — they'll certainly hold pride of place in all those family albums!


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