Drone unveils the mysteries of the Barragem dos Conchos

No, this is not a gateway to hell. No, this water is not disappearing. No, the land is not crumbling away. And no, there are no aliens living down there. Although at first glance, these ideas might come to mind as possible explanations.

This is actually the Barragem dos Conchos (Conchos Dam), a part of the Serra da Estrela hydroelectric system in Portugal. This plant has became famous online thanks to a video filmed by a drone. The images below are impressive.

The hole creates an illusion that the dam is broken. But what you're actually seeing is the water streaming from the Ribeira das Naves River into a cement and granite “drain," which empties into a nearby pond (Lagoa Comprida) via a 1,519 meter long tunnel. The tunnel was built in 1955, but was just 'discovered' recently.

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