NASA changed its star charts: New star signs for almost everyone!

Remember when NASA changed its star charts, and suddenly, nearly everyone got a new star sign? Whether you believe in astrology or not, everyone knows his or her star sign. The same goes for the character traits associated with each one: the reserved Aquarius, effervescent Cancer, carefree Sagittarius, etc. But after NASA's update, 86 percent of people were left with a different star sign than they had previously thought! Did you check at the time to see what new personality traits you might have acquired?

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The reason for the change was quite simple: when astrologers devised the star signs some 2,500 years ago, they derived them from particular constellations. But the course of the Earth and the stars in our sky are constantly changing. We aren't looking at the same sky as 2,500 years ago, because both Earth and the constellations have moved. As a result, the signs of the zodiac have also moved by approximately one month.

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And now for the really heaven-shaking news: There is also a 13th zodiac sign for those born between November 30 and December 18 — Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer. Early astrologers probably originally omitted this star sign in order to divide the sky into 12 areas of 30 degrees each. If you are an Ophiuchus, your character traits are similar to Scorpio and Sagittarius: cheerful and clever, but also jealous and irritable.

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So, taking the new information into consideration, here is the new list of signs of the zodiac. Check where your birthday falls to see whether your sign changed:

December 19 to January 20: Sagittarius

January 21 to February 16: Capricorn

February 17 to March 12: Aquarius

March 13 to April 18: Pisces

April 19 to May 14: Aries

May 15 to June 21: Taurus

June 22 to July 20: Gemini

July 21 to August 10: Cancer

August 11 to September 16: Leo

September 17 to Oktober 31: Virgo

November 1 to 24: Libra

November 25 to 29: Scorpio

November 30 to December 18: Ophiuchus

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If you have a tattoo representing your astrological sign, hopefully, you belong to the 14 percent of people whose sign didn't change! So, what's your new sign, baby? ;-) 


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